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Social Fun Dances

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Social Fun Dances

At every good social dance it is widely accepted that
the inclusion of one or two party dances is a good idea.
The object of this is to get everybody on the floor,
dancers and non dancers. Usually theses dances are well
known and very easy to learn. As a rule fun dances are a short sequence of about 16, 24 or 32 bars which are
repeated until the music has finished. Generally these
are danced in rows. They can also turn to face different
walls after each sequence. These dances are great at
the end of a lesson as a bit of a fun.
Some Dances are listed below -
Cowboy Charleston
Un, Dos, Tres
Let's Get Loud
Billie Jean
Ain't It Funny
Waltz Across Texas
Hello Dolly
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