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Members of the High Kelling Sequence Group 
with their interpretation of the 'Melody Foxtrot' 

Melody Foxtrot

Madame Samba thought this was appropriate for Easter. If one has to dance on Easter Friday then one could do worse than follow this example. And don't they do a good job. If you watch closely you will see Niall and partner doing what they do so well. Madame hopes this Good Friday sequence competition will be held in an appropriate setting that also reflects the sentiments of Easter.

Music provided by kind permission
of Jeff Short Band  
Jeff Short Band Image Link 1

Members of the
High Kelling Sequence Group 
with their interpretation of
the 'Sally Anne Cha Cha Cha'

Jeff Short Swing Band Image 2

Comment From Madame Samba (Youtube Channel)

Madame Samba brings you more Old Time. The classic Viennese Swing. For your convenience a demonstration and a captioned walkthrough in slow motion. These two are enchanting and exhibit an easy understated charm. A genuine breath of fresh air when compared with other presentations on YouTube which confront us with barely controlled dance chaos. This couple certainly do not suffer from below par performances.

Comment From Madame Samba (Youtube Channel)

Hello again dancers. Madame Samba is back with more Old Time. Again a demonstration with slow motion captioned walkthrough as the younger YouTubers prefer. Madame was somewhat arrogant and was initially misled by this contribution to sequence but upon re-evaluating fortunately realised that this presentation is endearingly naturalistic with a seriousness that suits the genre. Another deceptive and polished performance by these two.

Comment From Madame Samba (Youtube Channel)

Hello dears. Madame Samba continues the Old Time nostalgia theme and as with the current recording trend featuring younger dancers we have a demonstration and a slow motion walkthough with captions. Unlike some social versions of this dance on YouTube where the dancers rattle along with a healthy disdain for dance style and technique is treated as a passing dance craze you will find nothing haphazard with this performance which is wonderfully precise and lovely to watch.
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