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Have you ever wanted to learn to Ballroom Dance..? 
Well here's your chance!
across Norfolk, with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  
Our emphasis is on enjoying yourself!
Inspired by the couples on this year's 'Strictly'?
What better time to learn?
Whether you are a complete beginner 
or have had lessons before, we will soon have you
 feeling confident as you dance around the floor. 

Not ready for the freedom of Ballroom dancing?
Would you rather learn a 16 bar routine?
Do the same as everyone else?
Have you considered Sequence Dancing?  
Think it's just for Old people?
Let us prove to you this isn't the case. 
Inspiring Music, Fabulous Dances from the past 
which would be just as enjoyable on the Ballroom floor!
From Beginners to Seasoned Sequence Dancers -
We Can Help! 
Have you ever considered Flamenco or Bollywood? 
Why not Check out our friends at 

Debbie @ Strictly Flamenco
Bollywood - Tina @ Jaya Dance

Your One Stop Shop for all you need to know about Ballroom and Latin Dance.
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Welcome To YBF! Dance
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Why do our students learn to dance?
'Get Fit!' ; 'Meet new People' ;
'Be a dance host on cruise ships' ; 'Dance on holidat' ;
'Recover from injury' ; 'My first wedding dance' ;
'A gift for my partner' ; 'I love the music' ; 'Socialise';
'To dance at balls!' ; 'Spend more quality time together' ;
'To prove I really can do it!'
Whatever YOUR reason for learning to dance we promise
- You'll be Fine!
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