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What Is This?
This is an annual subscription which will entitle you to a 
whole host of membership benefits.
Membership Benefits 
Membership of YBF! Dance conveys several benefits, including: 
Cheaper prices for ALL subsequent Classes; 
Cheaper prices for ALL subsequent Tea Dances, Practice Sessions; 
Cheaper prices for ALL subsequent YBF! Dance Workshops* 
*(Doesn't Include Workshops by guest tutors). 
Cheaper prices on ALL subsequent Social Dances* 
*Exceptions Apply
Password Free Access to learning materials

Terms & Conditions
The membership card is for the exclusive use of the member. 
One membership card per person.
Discounts/promotions will be solely with the presentation of the membership card.
Once purchased, there is a 30 days cancellation period, after it there will be no refunds.
Membership is valid until the end of December of the Current year.
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