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Dance Sunday Sequence

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Sunday Sequence

Dance Sunday Sequence
Welcome to Sunday Sequence. 
Every Sunday we give you 
Step Sheet and Video of a Sequence Dance 
we would dance at a Tea Dance or Social Dance
To access you need a password

 WeekSunday Sequence VideoSunday Sequence Steps
41Saucy SalsaSaucy Salsa
42 Bossa Nova 66Bossa Nova 66
43Lace Agate SwingLace Agate Swing
44Rumba BeguineRumba Beguine 
45 Harry Lime FoxtrotHarry Lime Foxtrot
46 Y.C Cha Cha ChaY.C Cha Cha Cha
47 Midnight JiveMidnight Jive
48 Quando QuickstepQuando Quickstep
49 Caribbean SambaCaribbean Samba
50 Saunter ShirazSaunter Shiraz
 WeekSunday Sequence VideoSunday Sequence Steps
 1Sweetheart Waltz Sweetheart Waltz 
 2Square Tango  Square Tango
 3Sindy Swing  Sindy Swing
 4Rio Samba Rio Samba
 5Rumba One  Rumba One
 Valentino Jive Valentino Jive
7 Melody Foxtrot Melody Foxtrot
Sally Anne Cha Cha Cha Sally Anne Cha Cha Cha
 Catherine Waltz Catherine Waltz
10Caribbean Calypso  Caribbean Calypso
11Mayfair Quickstep  Mayfair Quickstep
12Alpine Stroll Alpine Stroll
13Saunter Together Saunter Together
14Mambo Marina Mambo Marina
15Tina TangoTina Tango 
16 Holly Bossa Nova Holly Bossa Nova
17Galaxy Rumba  Galaxy Rumba
18 Chicago Swing Chicago Swing
19 Jacqueline Cha Cha Cha Jacqueline Cha Cha Cha
20 Tango Serida Tango Serida 
21  Paso La PazPaso La Paz 
22  White City Waltz  White City Waltz
23 Shadow SambaShadow Samba 
24  Suzanne Quickstep Suzanne Quickstep
25  Balmoral Blues Balmoral Blues
26 Variety Swing Variety Swing
27 Sirocco RumbaSirocco Rumba 
28 Magnolia WaltzMagnolia Waltz 
29Skye SwingSkye Swing
 30 Nikko PasoNikko Paso 
31 Eastcliffe Blues  Eastcliffe Blues
32Bramble Bossa Nova Bramble Bossa Nova 
33 Saunter Reve Saunter Reve  
34 Magic Mambo Magic Mambo 
35 Emmerdale Waltz Emmerdale Waltz  
36 Rumba Tamara Rumba Tamara 
37 Singapore Swing Singapore Swing  
38  Salsa MexicanaSalsa Mexicana 
39  Woodside Waltz Woodside Waltz
40  Queen Of Hearts Rumba Queen Of Hearts Rumba
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