American Smooth Tango

American Smooth Tango 
Brief Description
The Tango is one of the most dramatic of the Smooth dances. It is characterised by controlled staccato footwork along with fluid graceful movements. It is a favourite of both the dance enthusiast and novice for invoking feelings of passion and power. Tango songs and artists include: 
“Whatever Lola Wants” – from Damn Yankees; 
“Por Una Cabeza”– from Scent of a Woman.
Time Signature - 4/4 (4 Beats to 1 Bar)
30 - 32 Bars Per Minute 
Basic Rhythm
Equal On Each Beat 
e.g. 1234 1234 1234
Music Style
Medium Tempo Orchestral, Often March Like Music.
American Smooth Tango
Suggested Dance Figures
Suggested Music