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Dance Tuesday Tutorial

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Tuesday Tutorial
Dance Tuesday Tutorial
Welcome to Tuesday Tutorial. 
Every Tuesday we give you a 
Brief Lesson on All Things Dancing. 
To access you need a password.
 Week Tuesday Tutorial Title
57Rise & Fall Waltz - Part 1
58Rise & Fall Waltz - Part 2
59Rise & Fall Waltz - Part 3
60CBM & CBMP Explained
61The Three Types Of Swing
62The Three Types Of Sway
63The Three Types Of Rise
64Seven Secrets Of The Heel Turn
65Five Characteristics Of Latin
66The Six Positions
 WeekTuesday Tutorial Title
2Dance Positions - Ballroom 
3Dance Positions - Latin American 
 4Line Of Dance 
 6Directional Movements
7 Foot Positions
Communication & Connection
Basic Hand Connection
10 The Concept Of Push & Pull
11 Leading Directional Movement
12 Leading Oppositional Movement
13 Try This! - Stationary Push & Pull
14 Try This! - Directional Movement
15Try This! - Jive Basic
16 Review
 17Spins And Turns 
 18 Understanding Axes
 19Turning From The Base 
 20 Turns With Left And Right Side Leading
 21 Spotting
 22Exercise One - Turns On One Foot 
 23Exercise Two - Basic Spotting 
 24Exercise Three - Spotting And Side Leading Turns 
 25An Introduction To Hip Motion 
 26 The Three Ranges Of Hip Motion
 27 Hip Movement Motivated By The Knees
 28Technical Tips 
 29 Hip Motion In Place (1st Position)
 30 Hip Motion In Place (2nd Position)
 31 Review and Final Thoughts
 32 The Secrets To Making A Perfect Dance Turn
 33The Five Elements Of A Good Dance Spin 
 34 Ballroom Dance Spins: Pivots Vs Pivotting Action
 35 The Secrets Of The Chaine Turn
 36 How To Dance A Dance Turn - Reverse & Natural
 37 Three Ways Slow Dancing Helps Fast Dancing
 38 The Art Of Slow Motion Dancing
 39 Why Ballroom Is An Expressive Dance
 40 Body Awareness In Ballroom Dancing
 41 Raise Awareness, Raise Your Dancing
 42 How Increasing Awareness Helps Your Dancing
 43Five Dance Moves For Hot Hips 
 44 Seven Secrets To Hot Latin Motion
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