International Ballroom Tango

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International Ballroom Tango
Brief Description
Tango is very passionate, sharp and staccato. Like the 
Paso Doble, Tango can be danced in 2/4. With 33 - 34 
Bars or 132 - 136 Beats per minute. Each beat is equally 
accented. There is no rise and fall or sway. Each step is 
picked up and placed. The music accentuates the 
sharpness of the steps and head movements. Mean, 
moody and passionate. Ballroom tango originated from 
the original tango, or Argentine Tango. For years it 
was seen as scandalous to dance but gradually it 
was cleaned up and became socially acceptable in 
Europe in the 1900s. It has a very different hold and 
feel from the other ballroom dances. Rather than 
flowing around the floor it has a staccato feel
and projects an element of feline stealth during 
the walks.
Time Signature - 2/4 or 4/4 (2 or 4 Beats to 1 Bar)
33 - 34 Bars Per Minute 
Basic Rhythm
Equal On Each Beat 
e.g. 12 12 12 or 1234 1234 1234
Music Style
Medium Tempo Orchestral, Often March Like Music.
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