Dance Figures - Slow Foxtrot

Slow Foxtrot
Feather Step
Three Step
Natural Turn
Reverse Turn & Feather Finish
Closed Impetus & Feather Finish
Natural Weave
Change of Direction
Basic Weave
Slow Foxtrot
Natural Weave from 
Promenade Position
       Overturned Basic Weave
Closed Telemark
Open Telemark & Feather Ending
Top Spin
Hover Feather
Hover Telemark 
Hover Telemark 
to Promenade Position
Natural Telemark
Hover Cross
Open Telemark, Natural Turn to Outside Swivel and Feather Ending
       Underturned Outside Swivel
       Outside Swivel after Feather Step, Feather Finish, or Feather Ending
       (Open) Natural Turn
Open Impetus
Weave From Promenade Position
Reverse Wave, Alignments A-E
Natural Twist Turn
       Natural Twist Turn with Natural Weave Ending
       Natural Twist Turn with Closed Impetus & Feather Finish Ending
       Natural Twist Turn with Open Impetus Ending
Curved Feather to Back Feather
       Curved Feather Commenced in Promenade Position to Back Feather
Natural Zig-Zag from 
Promenade Position
Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot
Natural Hover Telemark
Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending
Slow Foxtrot
Big Top
Chasse Roll to Right
Curved Three Step
Developpé to Leg Hook from 
Oversway Shape
Double Natural Spin Overturned
Double Reverse Spin Overturned
Fallaway Whisk from 
Promenade Position
Promenade Pivot from 
Overturned Reverse Swivel
Quick Closed Telemark from Promenade Position
Quick Closed Natural Telemark from Promenade Position
Quick Open Natural Telemark from Promenade Position
Quick Open Natural Turn and 
Outside Spin
Quick Open Telemark from 
Promenade Position
Right Lunge
Running Feather
Same Foot Lunge
Side Cross
Syncopated Side Cross
Throwaway Oversway
Tumble Turn
Turning Lock to Right to Pivot
Weave to Counter Promenade Position to Fallaway