International Ballroom Slow Foxtrot

International Ballroom Slow Foxtrot
Brief Description
Three distinct styles of Foxtrot are in common use among ballroom dancers today: The American Social Style, The American Continuity Style and The International Style. All three are partner dances in which the dancers progress around the dance floor in an anti-clockwise direction, and are danced to much the same music. However, they differ significantly in technique, positions and figures.
Time Signature - 4/4 (4 Beats to 1 Bar)
28 - 30 Bars Per Minute 
Basic Rhythm
Accented First and Third Beat (First being the Stronger)  
 eg 1234 
Music Style
Medium-Slow Jazz/Swing Music
International Ballroom Slow Foxtrot
Gent's Right arm placed just below Lady's shoulder blade finding the Lady's bra strap. Gent's Left hand takes hold of Lady's right hand, arm raised with hand at Lady's eye level. Both elbows should be level on same line. Not too tight Gents. Lady needs to breathe. 
Lady will place her Left arm gently resting on the 
Gent's Right arm. Holding her own weight, not grasping or clawing at Gent's arm. Her Right hand should be placed into the Gent's Left hand.
The Lady should be standing slightly over to the 
Gent''s Right hand side. Head to Left so she can 
see over Gent's Right shoulder. His head is up 
and to the Left so he can see over her Right shoulder.
Suggested Dance Figures
Suggested Music