Dance Figures - Samba

Basic Movements: 
Natural, Reverse, Side, Progressive
Whisks to Left and Right

Lady’s Spot Volta Underarm Turn during Man’s Whisk to L or R
Samba Walks: 
Promenade, Side, Stationary
Lady’s Spot Volta Underarm Turn during Man’s LF or RF Stationary Samba Walk
Rhythm Bounce on Left Foot 
or Right Foot
Volta Movements: 
travelling, Spot
Travelling Bota Fogos:
Forward Criss Cross Bota Fogos, Shadow Bota Fogos
Travelling Bota Fogos Back
Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade
Criss Cross Voltas
Solo Spot Voltas
Foot Changes; 
1, Closed to Right Shadow, 
2, Right Shadow to Closed, 
3, Promenade or Open Promenade 
to Right Shadow
Same Foot figures: 
Samba Walks, 
Rhythm Bounce, 
Travelling Volta, 
Travelling Bota Fogos Forward
Shadow Travelling Volta

Reverse Turn
Corta Jaca
Closed Rock
Circular Voltas to Left or Right
Shadow Travelling Volta Development
Foot Change: 4, Right Shadow to Promenade; 8, Right Side to Right Shadow
Corta Jaca as per note 3

Open Rocks
Back Rocks
Rolling off the Arm & Endings 1, 2, & 3
Argentine Crosses
Maypole to Left or Right
Shadow Circular Volta
Foot Changes: 
5, a, b, c, or d - 
Promenade to Right Contra
6, Right Contra to Promenade
7, Right Contra to Open Counter Promenade
Travelling Volta Timing Development
Corta Jaca as per note 4
Lady's Underarm Turn during Argentine Crosses Development
Contra Bota Fogos
Contra Bota Fogo Hand Change Development
Natural Roll
Reverse Roll
Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
Three Step Turn
Samba Locks
Cruzados Walks and Locks
Bota Fogo Action with Batucada Rhythm
Developed Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
Travelling Volta with Split Rhythm Action
Fallaway Runs
Carioca Runs (Lambada Action)
Shadow Rocks
Delayed Reverse Shadow Volta Roll
Running Zigzag from Solo Right Side Position
Advanced Maxixe
Developed Corta Jaca Action
Developed Whisks to Natural Pivots
Running Lock with Lady's Running Zigzags from Open Position
Continuous Quick Zigzags
Continuous Volta Shadow Roll
Checked Reverse Roll - Ronde to Split Rhythm
Passing Turns
High Back Check - Three Step Turn - Whisk
"Box" Movements
Lunge Checks in tandem Position