International Latin Samba

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International Latin Samba
Brief History
Samba, the ultimate party dance from Brazil. With 
medium tempo music, catchy tunes and fantastic 
movement you can't help but want to dance. 
With 50 - 52 Bars or 100 - 104 Beats per minute 
and varying rhythms, once this dance starts there 
is no let up until it's finished. You may be in a 
ballroom in Bournemouth but the music will 
take you to Rio. The Samba and the carnival from 
Brazil go hand in hand.  Again it is a flirtatious 
dance which captures all the excitement of the 
Rio carnival. The Samba requires the ‘Samba tick’ 
which is quite a difficult technique to learn but 
is what gives the samba its unique look. 
The Samba was introduced to Europe from 
South America in the late 1930’s but generally 
caught on after WW2. It became incredibly popular 
due to the infectious music and lively rhythms.
Time Signature - 2/4 
50 - 52 Bars Per Minute 
Basic Rhythm
Accented Second Beat 
12 12 12 12
Music Style
Medium Tempo Brazilian Latin Music With A Strong DownBeat
Suggested Dance Figures
Suggested Music
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