Dance Figures - Rumba

Basic Movements:
Closed, Open, In Place, Left Foot & Right Foot 
Alternative Basic Movements
Left Foot & Right Foot Cucarachas
New York to Left Side or Right Side Position
Spot, Switch, and Underarm Turns to Left & Right
Left Side & Right Side Shoulder to Shoulder
Hand to Hand to Left Side or Right Side Position 
(Including Alternative hold)
Progressive Walks Forward & Backward (Closed Position Only)
Side Steps to Left or Right
Cuban Rocks
Shoulder to Shoulder Developments
Progressive Walks Forward or Backward in Open Position
Progressive Walks Forward in 
Right Side or Left Side Position
Hockey Stick
Natural Top
Opening Out to Right and Left
Natural Opening Out Movement
Closed Hip Twist

Development of Left Foot & Right Foot Alternative Basic Movements
Spot/Switch Turn to Left (Lady to Right) Development
Cuban Rocks in Left Side Position
Fan Development
4-6 of Hockey Stick from 
6 of Natural Top
Opening Out to Left & Right Developments
Open Hip Twist
Reverse Top
Opening Out from Reverse Top
Aida and Endings 1, 2, & 3
Aida from step 3 of Curl or Spiral
Spiral Turns: 
Spiral, Curl, Rope Spinning
Rope Spinning from 
Progressive Walks Back
Underturned Spiral
Press Line Development of Cucarachas
Progressive Walks Forward in Right Shadow Position (Kiki Walks)
Syncopated Cuban Rocks
Fan Development with Alternative Timing
Alemana from Open Position in 
Right to Right hand hold
Lady’s Underarm Turn to Left during 4-5 of Natural Top
Aida Ending 4
Spiral during Progressive (Kiki) Walks in Right Shadow Position
Sliding Doors
Fencing (including Spin Endings 
1, 2, & 3)
Three Threes
Three Threes with Fan Ending
Three Alemanas
Hip Twists: 
Advanced, Continuous, Circular
Advanced Hip Twist with 
Man’s Press Line
Advanced Hip Twist in Right to Right hand hold
Backward Swivel Basic
Syncopated Backward Swivel Basic 
to Delayed Walk
Overturned Slow Curl to 
Runaway - Check to Sit Line
Checked Turns - Spin action
Syncopated Alemana - High Ronde to Right - Circular Walks
Checked Alemana to 
Syncopated Three Step Turn
Lunge Check from Open CPP (New York)
Syncopated Lunge Check from Open CPP (New York) - Syncopated Three Step Turn
Telespin - Syncopated Spiral Turn
Developed Open Hip Twist
Continuous Standing Hip Twists to Attitude and Developpe
Overturned Curl - Continuous Swivels - Three Step turn to 
Support Line
Continuous Spins to Left - Same Foot Spot Turn to Tandem Sit Line
Sliding Doors Development
Three Threes Development to Swivels
Continuous Alemana Turns
Circular Hip Twists, turning to Right
Natural Top to Syncopated Underarm Turn - Quick Opening Out to Right
Standing Spin - Developed Opening Out to Right and Left
Developed Curl - Three Alemanas Action to Check - Continuous Spin