Dance Figures - Paso Doble

Paso Doble
The Appel
Slip Appel, 
Man & Lady both move back
Sur Place 
(May end in Promenade Position)
Basic Movement Forward or Backward 
(May end in Promenade Position)
Chasses to Right and Left
Chasse to Left ended in 
Promenade Position
Chasses to Right of Left with Elevation
Promenade Link
Promenade Close
Ecart (Fallaway Whisk)
Separation with Lady's Caping Walks  
Slip Appel, Man back, Lady forward
Attack method of 
dancing Deplacement
Slip Attack method of 
dancing Deplacement
Slip Ecart
Fallaway Ending to Separation
Promenade and Counter Promenade
Grand Circle
Open Telemark
Paso Doble
Sur Place with Elevations
Overturned Promenade & 
Counter Promenade
Methods of Changing Feet
La Passe
Twist Turn
Fallaway Reverse Turn
Coup de Pique 
(including Alternative Methods A & B)
Left Foot Variation
Spanish Lines: Inverted Promenade or Inverted Counter Promenade Position
Flamenco Taps, Method 1
Fallaway Reverse Turn with 
Open Telemark Ending
Flamenco Taps, Method 2
Syncopated Separation & Ending 
1, 2, or 3
Travelling Spins from 
Promenade Position
Travelling Spins from 
Counter Promenade Position
The Farol
The Twists
Chasse Cape and all Endings
Outside Turn
Paso Doble
Slip Appel - Reverse Swivel - Basic Movement - Check - Chasse Cape Action
Huit (Bota Fogo) Actions - Contra Walks & Volta Actions - Double Appel - Zigzag - Forward Lunge
Syncopated Points - Zigzag - Continuous Stalking Zigzags - Check
Syncopated Appel to Challenge Shape - Natural Spins
Appel to Solo Circular Walks - Syncopated Appel - Twists Action
Continuous Locks - Check - Contra Low Spanish Line
Open Telemark - Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
Syncopated Chasses - Pivot - Checked Reverse Turn - Natural Spin
Natural Spin - Aerial Ronde to Pass behind Back - Chasse to Right
Syncopated Appel - Developpe - Outside Turn - Chasse Cape Action - Developpe to RSP
Chasse Cape Action in Solo LSP - Spanish Twist - Check to Banderillas Shape
Stalking Walks - Twists Action to Low Spanish Lines - Circular Walks - Huit (Bota Fogo) Action
Grand Circle Action - Zigzag to Swivel - Run in PP - Check in PP - Fallaway to Slip Pivot
Appel to PP - Quick Lock in PP - Forward Lunge in PP
Twists Action opening to PP to end in Closed RSP
Tandem Spins - Forward Locks & Spins - Huit (Bota Fogo) Actions - Volta Action - Challenge Lines
Continuous Spins in Slow and Quick Rhythm to Shadow Hold
Developed Flamenco Rhythm to Standing Spin
Syncopated Appel - Check to Telespin - Zigzag
Syncopated Appel to Outside Turn - Developpe - Promenade Walks - Spiral Action to Open PP