International Latin Paso Doble

International Latin Paso Doble
Brief Description
Paso Doble, (Meaning double-step in Spanish) is a Spanish light music, with a binary rhythm and moderated movement, probably based in typical Spanish dances of the 16th Century. It is modelled after the sound, drama and movement of the Spanish bullfight. The traditional couples dance was originated in France and then adopted in Spain.
Time Signature - 2/4 (2 Beats to 1 Bar)
60 - 62 Bars Per Minute 
Basic Rhythm
The dance should be started on the 1st beat of the musical phrase.
12 12 12 12 
Accented First Beat 
(Musical Accent)
Timing & Beat Values 
The timing of a figure containing a number of steps each using one beat of music is 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 etc.
Because some figures contain many steps the use of this timing becomes unnecessarily complicated. This difficulty can be overcome by counting each group of 4 or 8 steps separately using the numerical count of 1,2,3,4 or 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. This method of counting recommended for teaching purposes and is therefore acceptable as an alternative to giving actual timing during professional examinations.
The numerical count also offers considerable advantage when grouping figures or parts of figures to form routines that will maintain harmony with musical phrasing.
Music Style
Traditional Latin Orchestral. March Like Music.
International Latin Paso Doble
Close Hold
Close hold for Paso Doble is similar to Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, except that the bodies are in close contact from thigh to chest. This causes the man's left hand and the lady's right hand be held approximately 15cm higher with a corresponding higher position for both elbows.
Suggested Dance Figures
Suggested Music