Dance Figures - Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha
Right Foot & Left Foot Side Chasse
Compact Chasse
Simple Chasse Forward & Backward
Forward & Backward Locks
Split Cuban Break Chasse
Forward & Backward Runs
Basic Movements 
(Closed, Open, In Place)
New York to Left Side or 
Right Side Position
Spot, Switch, and Underarm Turns to Left and Right
Left Side & Right Side 
Shoulder to Shoulder
Hand to Hand to Left Side & Right Side Position 
(including Alternative Hold)
Three Cha Cha Chas Forward, Backward & Forward in Left Side 
or Right Side Position
Side Steps to Left or Right
There and Back
Left Foot & Right Foot Time Steps
Alternative for Compact chasse
Shoulder to Shoulder Developments
Hockey Stick
Natural Top
Natural Opening Out Movement
Closed Hip Twist
Cha Cha Cha
Chasses: Rondé, Twist, Slip
Guapacha Timing
Spot/Switch Turn to Left (Lady to Right) Development
Fan Development
6-10 Hockey Stick from 
10 of Natural Top
Open Hip Twist
Reverse Top
Opening Out from Reverse Top
Aida with Ending 1 or 2
Aida from 5 of Curl or Spiral
Spiral Turns: 
Spiral, Curl, Rope Spinning
Underturned Spiral
Cross Basic
Left Foot & Right Foot Cuban Breaks 
& Split Cuban Breaks
(Lady's) Runaway Chasse
Fan Development with 
Guapacha Timing
Alemana from Open Position in Right to Right Hand hold
Lady's Underarm Turn to Left 
during 6-7 of Natural Top
Cross Basic with Lady's Spiral Turn on 5
Advanced Hip Twist
Advanced Hip Tiwst with 
Man's Press Line
Advanced Hip Tiwst in Right to Right hand hold
Hip Twist Spiral
7-10 of Hip Twist Spiral after 6 of Open Hip Twist
Turkish Towel
Follow my Leader
Foot Changes, Methods 1 through 4
Cha Cha Cha
Backward Swivel Basic
Backward Swivel Basic - Hip Twist Actions to Tandem Sit Line
Runaway Zigzag
Box Zigzags
Running Lock with Lady's Running Ziagzag - Check to Three Step Turn
Checked Alemana to Tandem Sit Line
Check from Open CPP (New York) with Change of Shape (1)
Check from Open CPP (New York) with Change of Shape (2)
Hip Throw Turns
Doubled Cuban Break Actions from Open CPP (1)
Doubled Cuban Break Actions from Open CPP (2)
Linear Turns to Syncopated Open Hip Twist
Telespin to Spiral Ending
Syncopated Telespin - Hesitation - Foot Taps
Lunge Check from Open CPP (New York) - Three Step Turn
Check in Open CPP - Three Step Turn - Mark Time - Check from Open CPP
Cuban Break in Solo RSP - Relaxed Spot Turn - Hesitation Ball Change to Tandem Sit Line
Three Step Turn - Cuban Break Action - Shunt - Three Step Turn
Solo RSP - Ronde Action - Runaway - Progressive Step Taps - Foot Flick
Foot Change to RSP - Passing Zigzag