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Ballroom Blog
Ballroom Blog
Welcome to Ballroom Blog. A New Feature where 
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Important Information about All Things Dancing. 
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Starts 5th January 
 Date Ballroom Blog Title
5-1-17 1. International Style or American Style 
12-1-17 2. Ten Reasons To Take Ballroom Classes
19-1-17 3. Why Beginners Classes Are Good For All Dancers
26-1-17 4. Tips For Making The Most Of Your Lessons
2-2-17  5. Correct Posture On The Dance Floor
9-2-17 6. How To Memorise Dance Steps
16-2-17  7. Five Ways Dance Relieves Stress
23-2-17 8. Exercises To Improve Balance
2-3-17 9. How To Avoid Dance Floor Divorce In Five Steps 
9-3-17 10. Practical Applications For Ballroom Dancing 
16-3-17 11. More Practical Applications For Ballroom Dancing 
23-3-17 12. Being A Social Dancer...... 
30-3-17  13. Six Techniques To Avoid Dance Floor Collisions
6-4-17 14. What Dance Teaches You In Seven Steps
 13-4-1715. Five Tips To Raise Your Dance Stamina
 20-4-17 16. What Dance Techniques Should I Learn First?
Ballroom Blog
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Ballroom Blog
Ballroom Blog
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