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Autumn Term

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Autumn Term
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Autumn Term
Autumn Term
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The Autumn Term Starts 
Monday  28th August
 16 Weeks - 8 Dances 
 Week Little Plumstead Aylsham Brockdish Thorpe End
1-2 Jive  Samba  Rumba Cha Cha 
3-4 Quickstep   Waltz  Tango Slow Foxtrot
5-6 Cha Cha   Jive   Samba Rumba
7-8  Slow Foxtrot Quickstep  Waltz  Tango 
9-10  RumbaCha Cha  Jive    Samba
11-12  TangoSlow Foxtrot  Quickstep   Waltz
13-14  SambaRumba Cha Cha   Jive
15-16  Waltz Tango  Slow Foxtrot Quickstep 

4-5  Rumba
6-7  Slow Foxtrot
8-9  Cha Cha 
 10-11 Quickstep
 12-13 Samba
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