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What Our Students Say About Us.....

What Our Students Say About Us
Here are just a few of the kind comments 
we have received from our students.
"Niall has made the impossible possible - 
my two left feet have learned to dance!"
Mr Rutherford, Suffolk
 "Joining Niall's North Norfolk classes has been fantastic. 
I've met so many new friends."
Miss Wortley, Norfolk
"Niall's classes are much longer than at most dance schools. 
You concentrate on one dance at a time, so you can really make progress. Then, there are the weekly practice opportunities at 
different venues so what you've learned sticks." 
Mr Clarke, Norwich
"My wife made me come along and I thought it would be a one week wonder. Niall made me feel so relaxed I surprised myself! 
Now we're into our second year of classes!" 
Mr Barker, Suffolk 
 "We came along for a bit of gentle exercise under doctors ordersafter an injury. It's great because it's something you can do together as a couple rather than slogging away at the gym on your own."
Mr & Mrs Harvey, Suffolk 
 "Watching Niall and Lyn demonstrate a workshop you think 
'I can't do that' but he breaks it down and goes over it 
loads of times so it's easy to pick up. At the end of the day 
you can't believe what you've learned.
Mr & Mrs Seeking, Norfolk
 "Niall is without doubt the 
best value for money ballroom teacher around."
Mr Appleton, Norfolk
 "We love coming along to Niall's events. The music's always perfect for dancing to and everyone has such a great laugh trying out their steps." 
Mr & Mrs Pilling, Norfolk
 "We never imagined that learning to dance could be so enjoyable but thanks to Niall's wicked sense of fun we really look forward to every session. We're also encouraged by a great group of fellow dancers at Cromer and Holt. What more could we ask for?"
Mr & Mrs Cubbin, Norfolk 
 "Quickstep workshop was amazing and the videos are going to be really helpful. I am now incapable of even walking down my own hallway without throwing in the odd reverse lock with a running 
finish into the bathroom!"
Mr Padmore, Norfolk
 "Hi Niall - I don't know if you remember us, Pat and Andrew.
We came to your dance lesson when we staying at Cromer Country Club back in October 
and had a great time. In fact we enjoyed our lesson so much we have started taking dance lessons!"
 "A Lesson with Niall is the best Five Pounds I've ever spent. Such value for money!"
Mrs Martin, Norfolk 
 "Just want to say Thankyou for the lessons I had at Fakenham, I really did enjoy them. However, I have now moved to the Peterborough area. You will be pleased to know that I have joined a dance class here, I am enjoying it and making new friends, but I have to say I wish you and Karen were taking the lessons."
Mrs Russell, Cambridgeshire
 "I would just like to say how much the four of us enjoyed the workshop this Saturday. As for Tony and myself we have always found the foxtrot very hard but your workshop has given us both a lot of confidence. We will be practicing it on Monday night and 
again on Thursday night, so hope by then we will have it without thinking about it."
Mr and Mrs Pepper, Cambridgeshire
 "Hi Niall, We are had a great time in Fuerteventura but wanted to let you know that all your dance teaching has been applauded every night 
so far and we are even getting stopped around the hotel by 
German and English folks praising our Dancing!!! 
So thank you for making us the star attraction lol.
We are absolutely fine with Niall"
Mr and Mrs Barker, Suffolk