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Frequently Asked Questions 
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Do I Need To Have Danced Before?

Absolutely not, that's what the Beginners classes are about.

So, What's The Right Level For Me?

- If you've got No Experience of either Ballroom or Latin American, then join the Ballroom/Latin Beginners Class.

- If you've Danced both Ballroom and Latin American Before
and Got The Basics in the most popular dances 
Waltz - Quickstep - Tango - Social Foxtrot
Cha Cha Cha - Rumba - Samba - Jive
then join the Advanced Ballroom/Latin American Class.

- If you've Been Dancing For A Few Years and Feel Quite Confident
then join the Improvers  Class.

Do I Need A Partner?

This style of dancing requires couples but don't be put off 
if you're coming on your own.  If you are without a partner 
then please get in touch and We may be able to match you up.

Do You Switch Partners Around The Class?

Not usually - if you've come with your partner that's who you usually want to learn with.  That said, when a class has got to know each other better then We might switch round for one or two dances to get a bit of practice dancing with someone else.  
We don't usually try that with Beginners classes.

How Many People Are In A Group Class, 
Private Lesson or Wedding Dance Lesson?
Beginners Classes are restricted to a maximum of 20 couples. 
This allows some individual attention while also getting 
experience of dancing on a social dance floor.

All Workshops are restricted to 20 couples. 
This allows for some individual attention while also getting experience of dancing on a social dance floor.

Private Lessons are restricted to 2 couples.

Wedding Dance Lessons are for the wedding couple only 
as the choreography is specific to their first dance.

If you have a group who would like a Regular Private Session, 
or a Party Session, please ask for a quote.

What Should I Wear?

Wear something comfortable that doesn't restrict your movement 
- jeans are perfectly acceptable.  This is a social dance class not an exercise class so you don't need to wear gym gear.

What About Shoes?

Beginners don't need special shoes although you might want to buy a pair of dance shoes later if you really take to it.  Try and wear a smooth-soled shoe so that your foot doesn't stick to the floor when you're turning, trainers are usually a bad idea.  For ladies, wear a heel height you're comfortable with and can dance in, and shoes that give you some support. 
Nothing too flat, too solid or too dangerous.
Frequently Asked Questions 
& Answers here...
What Our Students Say About Us.....

Do I Have To Start On The First Class Of The Dance?

Ideally yes but it is not essential.  We take Two Weeks on Each Dance and so it helps if you start from the beginning.  However, each week we start the session with a quick recap on the steps we covered in the previous class and so this usually helps people catch up.  Alternatively if you couldn’t attend one week you could catch up with a private lesson to learn what you missed.

What Happens If I Miss More Than One Week?

If you are concerned that you will be missing one or more sessions, but are still keen to learn the dance that is being taught, then a private lesson can be arranged by contacting us directly on 07526 883776.

How Do We Remember All The Routines?

Each week we have a social dance practise during the Beginners and Improver’s classes.  This enables you to practise dances covered in the previous months and keep on top of the routines.  We also run recap sessions each month in the shape of             Tea Dances and/or Evening Dances.

Do I Need To Practice At Home?

It's entirely up to you! We do hold regular Dance Events to Practice, so why not take advantage!

How Much Do Classes Cost?

See relevant Class or Event Page.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

There are no concessions at the moment.

What Are Taster Sessions?

Taster Sessions are a weekly 1-hour class for 8 weeks
- check the "Taster Sessions" page for more details. 
They focus on One Specific Dance for Two Weeks
- ideal if you're a little nervous about learning several dances 
on the same evening or can't commit to a longer period of time.

How Do I Pay?

You can pay online by BACS or by cash in person.

Where Are Classes Held?

Classes are held in a number of locations:
Aylsham Friendship Hall
Brockdish Village Hall
High Kelling Village Hall
Little Plumstead Village Hall
Our Lady's Church Hall Thorpe St. Andrew
Thorpe End Village Hall  
Click on the "Where To Find Us" page for the location.

Is There A Car Park?

Yes, there is a free car park at all locations with the exception
of Brockdish Village Hall which has on road parking.